Thursday, June 01, 2006

Betty's Illumination

Yesterday I put a safety pin
In mother's curtain
To hold the cord in reach.
By turning just a little in her chair
And extending
What for her is quite a tug,
She lets the daylight in.
Another light, already visible
Illuminates her face,
Shining past the wreckage
Of her fading flesh.
Is it happiness?
I cannot find another word
For what has now replaced
The intermittent years of discomfort and regret.
(At least in part.
And a firmer hope
Was always in her heart.)
Her neighbours down the hall
Nodding and smiling,
Remark about it.
Nor is she reticent to speak,
Nor yet too weak
To tell her faith
Her welcome home to Christ,
The Light ahead.

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