Monday, June 12, 2006


Oh, and another thing. On Friday, I added a new word to my vocabulary. Marion had fun this morning with a made up Kath and Kim dialog using the word. It lends itself to broad Australian pronunciation abuse. From the concise Dictionary of Literay Terms:
enjambement: The running on of a thought from one line, couplet or stanza to the next.
Vocabulary is so linked to ownership. I remember first thinking this when I went into a hardware shop while building our house, unequipped with the words for what I needed.
The thought came up again in the publishing of children's books. I think my first letters to printers were left aside by them because I did not know how to specify my requirements. Either they were baffled or thought that so ignorant a client might not be serious and could be a poor account risk too.

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Anonymous said...

Dad. I am loving your 'poetry', such beautifully sculpted images and stories.

I like what you say about vocab linked to ownership, standing there in the hardware store knowing what you needed but not knowing how to ask for it. Sometimes I feel something, or can picture it in my mind but cannot find the words to express it (much to the furstration of my dear wife). I guess thats why we use analogies, cos they help us give meaning to our thorts, even the more abstract ones.

Your sculpting Son