Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Septic Tank

A tub of tiny monsters
take down the mess we feed them.
They’ve also an appetite for trees.
We send these down a tube
from the house alongside the mess,
in shape of soggy ply squares.
They may have devoured
a small forest in 25 years.
Just water spills to the French drain.

There were earlier occupants.
When I brought my class home for a party,
(I was a teacher then,)
a concrete box had arrived
new and inviting beside the drive,
an unplanned attraction.
Kids wormed in and out
and shouted to their echoes.
Later they reduced sausage rolls,
potato chips, ice cream, and cake
to a few crumbs and grease spots.
But still, with nothing like the appetite
of these other monsters.

1 comment:

Radagast said...

And I thought Pablo Neruda went too far writing an ode to his socks ;)