Monday, August 21, 2006

Seasoned Floor

Dogged into place while still green
rough sawn and sharp scent heavy
now greyed and smoothed with years of tread
nail heads countersunk but unputtied
proud still where the wardrobe hid them.
Our makeshift tongue-in-groove
from strips of ply inserted in saw cuts
squinting in places with
pinpoints of light from the floor below.
In the mild longitudinal wave of grain
under foot, a faint hint still
of hills and trees beyond the walls.

‘Young swamp gum dries flatter,’
said the miller, thick armed sawyer
from the road below the house
when he landed long blond boards
from the bed of his wheezing truck.
And they did shrink, surface truer,
than rippled post and beam
of Tasmanian oak support,
cell structure caving less
as they slowly hardened
beyond the driving of nails.


{Minion} said...

Nice imagry.
I love the smell of fresh cut wood.
Another good piece of writing, liked it lots.
does have the feel of being a middle of something bigger though.

thanks for sharing.

ish said...

Helpful input.
Maybe I can re-build the whole house in a series on poems. :-)
And yes timber certainly evokes scent... should have made use of that.

{Minion} said...

That'd be a cool project.

I wish I'd thought of something similar, though I did do a small piece about ripping out our kitchen ready for the installation of a new one, though that went off on a tangent because of a comment by my daughter.

oh, and being aware of your religous inclination please don't be offended. It's not meant to be mocking.

And fresh wood smells so much nicer than old kitchen skirting board...nasty musty mouldy sort of smell, like under floorboards in old houses...

ish said...

Minion, In the second line I have revised with your suggestion to include the neglected sense. Thanks! It still needs a little further work.

I hope I am only 'religious' in the sense of the book of James axiom. (To try to care about oppressed people.) I was amused by your last supper poem. Clever. That was July. Guess you've enjoyed a few suppers now in the new one. It seems like a worthy little execise to run a poem
idea through all the senses to see what usable timber one can sniff out!

{Minion} said...

Lol, the kitchen saga...
I won't bore you with elongated ranting, but yes we nearly have our new kitchen...

It was meant to be fitted two weeks after that poem.
the week after the poem we sucessfully had asorted plumbers, plasterers, builders and electrians, co-operating and getting everything just right for the event...
after them came the fitter.
let's just say, we have most of a kitchen, but it's not finished yet.

As for the religous thing, sorry if i'm jumping in random directions, but the bible quote threw me :) John 3:8...
Oh, and the quite frequent references in your works :)
Kinda thought you were an 'active' christian....
I'll shut up now before we get into debating gods or some-such.
Though I shall have to have a read of the book of james now...

Finally, I really can't take any credit for a suggestion that wasn't made. :)
The line
'when he landed long blond boards
from the bed of his wheezing truck.'
just made me thinks of all the times i've been around 'new' wood.
The line just triggered one of those memories.

Well, that's gotta be one of the longest comments I made.

So I'm off now.
(btw, the Cain one is really good (imo))

ish said...

Minion, Your comments were a pleasure to read. House stuff always has too much frustration but even more the issue of time, always longer than anticipated even when estimates are generous. I take that back. We have had help from a guy who is very fast. But then a couple of bits of his work have fallen off the wall!

I will own to being a Christian. As you say its in the poems, but it is hard for me to say it, not because of Christ, but because of 20 centuries of baggage and betrayals that go by that name. And alas, I could list some of my own betrayals.

I do not identify with the popular notion of religion as an entrenched hiearchial structure with an irrelevant calendar of ceremonies and history of smug judgments.

ish said...
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{Minion} said...
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{Minion} said...

Ahhh, I can relate to that.

Organized religion is something I dislike a lot.(Stronger wording omitted)
It always seems to lead to abuse of power etc etc.
The whole 'Book' thing is just too much, when people start taking it literally too.

Silly buggers, the lot of ‘em.

So, I admire your statement of being a Christian, and yet your denunciation of the ‘system’.
I don’t claim to be Christian but my personal ‘ethics’? ‘moral code’? ‘idiom’? seem to get me through life being a fairly ‘good’ person.

On a different note, had a re-read your works, and as well as the Cain one, I really like:-

Finding Fit.
Neighbour Tom.

And just because it fits nicely with the house theme, Foundation for the extension.
That’s not to say I don’t like the others, just that those ones stood out, - to me.

ish said...

I guess the response has to be that Chirst is not for 'good' people. His work is to renew the other kind. The comic strip character Pogo quote stays with me. After his reconnissence he returns to say. "I have met the enemy, and it is us."

{Minion} said...