Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Signed Collection

three cursive links,
weighty vowels
pitted with old rust.

light orb,
ocean etched
in a dark script.

letter a,
jigsaw outline
in thick timber,
rough pine article.

a Braille of bumps
circles a porcelain cone,
and like an ellipsis, ending . . . .

nesting pots,
grey stoneware inscribed
with Thylacine glyphs,
conceal, three layers deep,
a cardboard copy
of the gold tiger once buried
high on a coastal cliff, clues
in pages we painted, spaded
from the earth years after
by a watchful sleuth.

© Steve Isham July 2006

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Anonymous said...

you've been googlewhacked by the man they call la fromage homme