Monday, September 25, 2006


Mountain separated from bay in field of vision
by a paddock of four sheep, grass fat.
Therapy in tranquil motion
like a tank of fish beyond the windows.

At sound of cellar door
they squall by the fence
demanding indulgence from Marion,
who scatters oats and scraps of bread.

Every year they are led by the rattle of treats
to the man who will take their coats,
fearful, pressed in a small pen
December afternoon heavy with lanolin.

Once a large ewe toppled me
lunging with raised feet.
Bewildered afterwards they bleat
unsettled at shape of shaven mates.

Written just before our 3 ewes gave us 5 lambs. :-)


Inconsequential said...

For creatures of meek repute, they're quite rowdy and strong when they want to be.
Shearing can be such hard work.
Getting kicked and butted and generally trampled.

I always felt they looked happier after... though, it's hard to read a sheep's expression.

oh, liked this piece btw :)
brought back a few memories.
as did the pics of lambs.

in a sense you are lucky to only have a few....

ish said...

What has happened to your blog, Minion? I presume
Inconsequential is you too.
I have not looked about on the web or posted for several days because of work, until yesterday. Your Minion profile poem is so bleak and also very beautiful. Long may the 'Two little islands of worth remain. Two distant embers of warmth sustain' and brighten into a destination in the large warmth of the Man, 'the Lamb' of 'meek repute'. If, on the other hand, the universe is ultimately impersonal, I see only futility and we are castaways with no prospect of rescue.

Inconsequential said...

I killed it.

Then Started a fresh one, gonna still be me, doing really bad poems, and hopefully still one a day...though work just kicked into 'peak' gear...seasonal rush, all those folks buying up goods in preparation for Saturnalia...oops, I mean I suspect I'll be to drained to write much.

Yes I am Inconsequential :) and {Minion}...
I suspect the universe is impersonal.
People are what make life hell on earth, and yet, people are all that is worth living for.
Messed up things us humans...occasionally I wish I had faith, just to have someone to blame. (no insult intended)
Hmmm, maybe it's Darwins fault...

Right, completely shattered after last night, so i'm gonna go and eat, chill out, then bed, to have a practise at being dead.
At least i'll be used to the peak regime by the end of the week.

Oh, My two islands? Adelaide aged 6
and 'Rain aged 30. They are my Sanity, Hope, Joy, and Well - my Faith.


ish said...

I'll admit to much joy in 3 'islands' of that variety. All young adults.

Inconsequential, you must work in retail of some sort. Stick to Saturnalia. The consumerism god has little to do with the arrival of the Carpenter as I understand it.

ish said...
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