Friday, September 08, 2006

Oil paint

This sour looking character is me. :-) Self portrait still in progress.


{Minion} said...

Actually, I thought you had more hair than that....
and were taller?


It's very good, I wish i had a quarter of your talent, or patience.

/ \

that's be mine.....

{Minion} said...

damn, even bodged a stickman....
(you see how un-arty I am?)

ish said...

Minion, you look a bit pentecostal with your arms in the air like that.
Hair is thinning but I've cut it very short too. Marion thought your 'taller' comment was hilarious.

I also realize, as with several of the poems, that I have made a couple of classic errors that niggle me now. I'll post a version when I think it's finished.

Donners said...

It's beautiful, the texture and colour is very accurate.
Definately less hair than you really have steve. Also you look older in the painting, you're younger looking than that Steve.

You're missed one very important thing, the twinkle in your eyes :)