Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Surprise Lambs

Twin lambs of Moby the sheep, less than a day old.


{Minion} said...

as in you didn't know she was pregnat?


have helped a little with lambing, it's good when they get up and stagger around.
always a relief.

{Minion} said...


silly fingers....

ish said...

We barrowed the neighbour's ram but we doubted that they were. Even the neutered male looks pregnant with all the wool.
The four sheep are basically mowers and we haven't bothered with lambs in a long time. Watching grazing animals is theraputic too, like a tank of fish. :-)

Donners said...

Yay! More things to watch in the paddock!

They'll certainly help keep the grass short!

Inconsequential said...


Inconsequential said...

Hi Ish,

You still with us?
You are one of the few links I kept from being Minion...and you seem to have vanished at the same time :(

Oh well, I wish you all the best in whatever it is you do/are doing, and i'll pop in now and then to say hi :)

catch you around.

ish said...

What has happened to Minion's blog?
Inconsequential, your blogger profile leads me nowhere to respond.
I'd not looked at things or posted for several days because of work.