Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pulling the Rabbit

Napoleon, old cat
yellow in the tooth
dragged two bunnies
half his size
through the cat door.
Last night he put his latest booty
headless on reserve
in the pantry, presented
neatly on an old cloth sack.
A fastidious cat.
The night before,
dead but intact
upon the kitchen floor,
a first light birthday greeting.
Will he finesse a third?
A hat trick rabbit cat?
Or will we get a bird?


Inconsequential said...

Another good one.
An insight in rural? life..
Our cats are city cats and just bring back scaps from peoples bin, mucky buggers.
Though, the more sadistic of the two found some nestlings and bit through the one wing or the other of about six of them over a week, just so he could play in our garden with them...

ish said...

At least your cats go out. When I have lived in cities I had cats then too but always confined, poor things. Hummm, sadism requires a kind of volition that I doubt cats have.

Just Joan said...

Ish, I like your poetry, the observations you make.

I have cats as well, and I think they bring this sort of gift because of love. They love us, their owners, and want to contribue. I think they also love the prey they kill, and would be surprised to find out anyone objected to the killing.

Inconsequential said...

except the victim of course....


Just Joan said...

Yes, there often can be a victim where love is concerned. In Lewis' book C.S. Lewis' book "Till We Have Faces" (I think it was), he said something like love can be 90% hate and still call itself love. A cat's love for the victim seems to be highly made up of a hunger to possess and consume.

One of my cats watches birds out the windows and chirps her own version of the bird's song while it sings.

Which makes it even more amazing that they are willing to share what they catch.