Tuesday, November 07, 2006

View at the Edge

At the edge
-----------------the clown's make up
the razor nick skin of the man

Fast food/gas station/motel
-----------------make up the clone,
American gaudy,
LA to DC.

I, this oasis edge pedestrian,
alien at the terminus tide line of jetsam's
tattered plastic graffiti
most visible in Spring,
gravel chemical aqua with
snow melt salt line,
and beyond, hunched uneasily
the domestic weatherboard evidence
of this intersection ghost
chilled out
by the deep fat KFC heat,
bungalow cheap rent now,
a wrecker's lunch.

Three slumping halloween pumpkins
grin from low porch perch
pastel walls behind
blanched to near invisibility
apart from these infrequent footfalls
at the edge.


Inconsequential said...

new places = new inspirations.
i'm some what jealous, to sample a whole new culture, to capture facets of the alien, that'd possibly keep my word flow going for weeks. Then again, underneath it all people are people, so maybe there is little that is alien...

Hope you are doing fine in what ever it is you are doing in the U S of A

good luck with it anyway.

ish said...

Thanks inc. Over here with work. We're all the same, all so completely different, ever the facinating paradox. I will have a go when I can grab computer time. I don't travel with one.

Marion said...

Much better now.