Wednesday, December 13, 2006


They all died
defending the Alamo
where my mother
nearly died too of
worry when I wasn't
very old and wandered off
among the tall plants.
But that wasn't Dallas.

In Dallas JFK died.
Before that
dad hunted a job
mindful of his own long dead dad
who once tried Dallas too
taking a 1920's train back
disappointed to Chicago.
In 1950 dad got passed over by
the big insecticide deal,
tried for a Dallas job, winced
and drove us east to West Virginia.

One rain driven day
the VW bug
I delivered to Dallas
filled with smoke
from a frayed wire
in the multilane rush
of westbound cars.

Today I hear my daughter has
found a 'splendid' man in Dallas.
Is great-grandad's requitement
alive in her excitement?


Anonymous said...

is it 'wondered off' or 'wandered off'? Both work equally well but in different directions.

ish said...

Thanks for that. I did mean wandered. Will fix. :-)

Anonymous said...

From Inc,
(having trouble posting comments on beta)

Anon is right, wondered works too :)
Especially as it refers to small child, the oblivious wonder.

is this piece a family history?

I do like the sense of passed time it creates, without being overly verbose.


good stuff!

ish said...

Thanks inc, Hope I haven't mucked things up with beta. Should I revert somehow? Yes its a bit of family history. Anything with this sort of overtone loses reader's interest very smartly unless it is super lean and connected to the wider world. Tried to do that. My parents wandered about (wondered too ;-) majorly. Lived in 20+ towns and cites before I was school age. When I heard from my daughter I started to tally the 'issues' my family seems to have had with that city.

Inconsequential said...

Decided to join the beta bunch :)
so I can post comments now!

Hope the 'some kid' season is treating you fine:)

cya when you're back.

Ari said...

Hey Steve! I love the history in this poem, I liked it! :) Shiloh has left a bit early (she finished the tasks Mom asked her to do and Mom didn't need anything else done) and has gone back - to Dallas! I think she might be coming back to Australia a bit early, it sounds like she is a bit homesick. ;) Hope I get to talk to you later!

steve said...

Thanks again for visiting.:-)
And thanks too for taking such good care of Shiloh. Its great Shiloh could work with Carol. We are in Chiangmai, Thailand - enjoying the experence. Back home to Australia next week. I have a new poem about this trip on the go, but still needs lots of work.

ish said...

Inc. Hope you are super relaxed after that pre X-mas work stint. Thanks for the wishes. Christmas may be Thai noodles this year. :-)
And of course, as you know already, the Christmas kid has a large place in my heart, sans all the accrual of 20 centuries.