Thursday, January 11, 2007


I must have been only five
when I first felt the urge
to shield mum & dad
so vested in their ideals
from the swearing swaggering kids I knew
from my nightmares, the crated bodies
dismembered, the incinerated infants,
from the world as it is.
Lest in their knowing
I must witness their pain.
Occasionally I still feel the same
toward other Americans.


Inconsequential said...

Re: pkg - Thankyou very much :)

'Lest in their knowing
I must witness their pain.'

that's a line that gets us all at some point. Nice reversal on the parent guarding children scenario though. Cool.

_Soulless_ said...

A sobering thought. When it comes to chipping away ideals, there may be encountered, not only pain, but at times also obstinacy.

Well worth the read. Cheers. ^_^

ish said...

Indeed. Obstinancy and denial.