Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fate of Ships

Sapphire Princess & SS Orcades

In '58 she was assaulted with blinding torches
stripped and beaten into razor blades
her final wake
a chevron of foam
28 Pacific days long
to the antipodes
where she bestowed the family yearnings
along with crates and baggage
of a thousand other
second chapter dreams.

Mid morning I watch them waddle from the belly
of this present decades' glamor of chandeliers
to be bussed for the two hour tinted glass
mediation of an Australian landscape
and, unfailingly back on board for lunch
to the clamor of the cheese cake buffet.

Their lady will be nudged
from her berth tonight
and stabilizer tethered
to a sea path worn
round a circuit of ports,
and the bars of a cage.


zyy1265 said...
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Inconsequential said...

Cruise ships....horrible concept.

They seem to be a waste. float around in a drifting town, pop onto foreign soil for brief time, then float around again...

Coach tours are as bad...

In fact any mainstream form of tourism sucks.

oh, btw, liked this poem, shall have to look up the two boats mentioned, but the 2nd and 3rd parts are cool.

ish said...

Once again, thanks for the key, Inc. I need to reverse the text. 2 and 3 are better.

ish said...
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Inconsequential said...

'assaulted with blinding torches
stripped and beaten into razor blades'

is great imagery.
and yes, it does seem better tagged on the end :)

Inconsequential said...

Well, we now have an excited lil' bunny bounding around folding bits of paper left right and centre :)

Thankyou very much :)

She loves creative stuff.

When she actually gets round to making one that looks vaugely animalesque i'll post a picture up for you :)

Now, I really must offer again, is there anything you would like from over here?

Thanks again.

_Soulless_ said...

From the perspective of "land-locked" individual (yes, I should travel more), this is a remarkable take (full of candor) on a journey by ship. And here I am referring to the second and third stanzas. The first is... *takes a deep breath* whoa, brilliant. So much so that I reckon it can stand on its own. (The ship, to me, came alive as I read the lines there.)

^_^ Cheers.