Monday, January 22, 2007

Feast Days

Collective noun for maggots?
Smother might cover it. Or dance.
A dance of maggots.
The outlier dancers dos-à-dos
scattered about before the smother
comes on the second day.
A seething sea and by the third
the pods of squirm have melded.
The sea, a seethe of maggots.

More mutton than a Greek wedding
in the old sheep after the dogs
had dropped her tangled in the wire fence.
She was swollen whole on Thursday,
all animation
and by Friday evening
remaining guests
revel in deep hollows among the bones
and rags of wool.

Oddly, very little smell
after the second day.
And I wonder too,
where do all the dancers go
when the feast is over?

1 comment:

Inconsequential said...

one of yours gone?
gone to the great shearer in the sky to make a new cloud for the angels...

Though, on a plus side, a seething dance of maggots is an excellent mental image, if not so pleasant in reality.

how many dancers become the feast for others?

Another good piece Ish :)
very much to my taste...