Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Tale

...when all things are said, there is really only one story...

Three fireside travellers
sit transfixed at

...the birth
...the warrior
...the beauty
...the battle
...the brittle straw of hope
...the rescue
...the reward.

'Fantasy,' says the first. And it is.
'Trap,' says the second. And it is.
"Road home,' says the third. And it is.


ish said...

Inc., I'm super pleased the books were a hit. May I take a 'rain check' on your offer. :-) (The only thing I can think of is perhaps a local poetry journal you might happen upon that has some good stuff.)

Inconsequential said...

Is this a rehash of fulfillments?
I rather prefer this version of it if it is :)

As for the other thing, 'rain check' is cool, a whatever whenever :) just ask.

ish said...

This has similar final lines as Fulfilments because I suppose the 'meta narrative' and the ‘home’, which is simply the conclusion of the ‘big story’ in the other poem, can be perceived in the same ways. It is what came to mind when I tried to have a go at the Sunday Scribblings 'Fantasy' topic.

Inconsequential said...


I really rather enjoy the SS topics, though I do find there are not enough poets involved :(

Having said that I do find myself browsing through other stuff, kinda sucked in...if that makes sense :)

As for the last 3 lines of your piece, I felt 'fantasy' fits better than 'illusion' my opinion :) ...but then what would I know :)

It's a good piece though, I like the ellipsis's, can never have too many of those :)

...the brittle straw of hope :)

megan said...

big idea compacted. well-crafted. Enjoyed it.

_Soulless_ said...

The relativist in me would gladly listen to each traveller's "story." ^_^ Great piece for reflection. Cheers.