Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thai Food

Fried pork with green chilli
'moo pad prik' on the menu.
Look across to
neighbouring restaurant
large sign
'Best Teste Kitchen'.
Genital reminders of
proud culinary tradition.


Inconsequential said...

sorry to sound ignorant or some such, but the name, moo pad prik, made think it should be beef :)

I have to confess to really liking some thai style foods, but not liking the rest...it's the coconut milk thing...

but never having been to thailand, i suspect we don't get 'true' thai food in the resturants.

ish said...

"moo" means pork! Most Thai food I've had in the West seems authentic. They do nice subtle things to simple stuff like fried rice for example. (No coconut milk.) It is their English spelling that lacks subtlety. :-)

Inconsequential said...

lol...sorry, but i find the idea of Australia being west...well, funny :)
but i guess it is far enough east to almost be west :)

ish said...

Oh yeah, Australia is West, culturally West, but sitting just beneith Asia, as incongruent as a monotreme. :-)

ish said...

BTW I remember the first Thai resturant in Chicago. Opened in about 1968. That's pretty West too!

Inconsequential said...

:) I missed the opening of that one, i was busy being born that year :)

Liza's Eyeview said...

oh, my husband and I both love Thai food. Evil Prince is one of our favorites!

By the way, thanks for commenting on my Psalm post. I was trying to find your Dec. Psalm Drawing...but didn't find it in any of your blogs. Did I miss it or was it not published in your blogs?