Sunday, February 25, 2007


Slumped in a moist mound gleams
a large animal's fresh offal.
The bay beyond, bright blue between the trees.
Under my soles, 45 years of disgraced materials
peppered with long life double A's,
a leach of heavy metal spice
among abstractions in brittle foam, once
a flat screen monitor’s chrysalis casing.
Sea birds loud cloud clamorous,
long lone undulating 'aaaark', trailing.
The last of the flies evicted far down the road.


Inconsequential said...

wow, picturesque...

shall come back and read again, was just going to bed :)

Inconsequential said...

Our local tip has gone all green :)
70% of 'stuff' is now recycled, which is excellent, but does make me wonder why the rest isn't/can't be. We are only a small island really, makes me wonder where we have land to fill...

Very good picture Ish, good stuff as always.