Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can't Shake Religion

Some people fled the church from
the finger-waggers in the pews,
shaking their arbitrary 'thou shalt nots'.
Outside the iron bound doors these
refugees drew a deep breath of free air.
Before they exhaled
that same ubiquitous personality type
moved down the street to
social services, public TV and the university.
The new finger-waggers catechise
from admin cathedrals,
church of the politically correct
shaking their revised list
of wash-your-mouth-out offences.

As years stumble on
the old miscreants whisper
"It ain't in the Book!"
and light finds a chink in the iron.
The new moralists
write their own book.


Inconsequential said...

It ain't in the book :)


Most enjoyable Ish. This wonderful world of ever changing morals.

Anonymous said...

Nice take on an old problem.

Inconsequential said...

Well, four days on, and I can't get that phrase out of my head :)

Well done Ish.
It ain't in the book.
Little pastiche images go flashing along with it :)
Finger waggling puritans, severe grimaces on stone chiselled faces.
Brimstone preacher fists clenched and pounding pulpit.
White collar popping loose at one end,
Spittle frothing out as he condemns and shouts “It ain't in the book!”

Again, fantastic image, well done.

That line... cool.

Inconsequential said...


Hope you are ok out there Ish...
Guess you're a bit to busy to blog,
trust all is well...see you when you get around this way again :)

ish said...

Thanks much inc. I am in the US for a couple of weeks and computer occasions are not regular. I nearly bought a laptop at a pawn shop. If it was as good as it seemed it would have been an amazing cheap deal, but I couldn't bring myself to take the risk. Meanwhile I go online when I have the time and opportunity. The couple of 'poems' I scribbled while travelling have seemed to me too flat to post. I am currently reading about sonnets and intend to have a go.

ish said...

Thanks Mike. I have been struck by how 'religious' some secular postures appear.

Viola Jaynes said...

Very well written and very well said.


ish said...

Inc, I didn't say so above but I thought your 'little pastiche image' was great. The phrase of course can cut both ways. Those arbitrary rules are also hard to find between the book covers.

Viola, thanks for your remark. Encouraging.