Monday, March 19, 2007

Pigeon Hunting

'...he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove...' Matthew 3:16

Sometimes the dove is lost among the pigeons,
though wingéd hints still glance the hourly grind.
For love of dove I want to ditch 'religion',
and search the pigeon landscape for his signs.
There see a symmetry in bond of friend,
the blessed exchange that's not unlike a dance.
In friendship we observe our destined end,
a parable of our significance
told there to halt the take-for-granted trend.
What better treasure than be friend of God?
If this is worship, teach my heart to bend,
to see his wounded wing and know his love.
When churchy 'worship' somehow Christ would bait,
I'll sing, not to evoke, but celebrate.

(...first go at a sonnet.)


duggy said...

hey, i think i lucked out and came across your verses. i like it. i am a christ follower, not a christian, and i am quite sick of religion myself. hope it ok, i linked to your blog from mine.
good on ya mate

ish said...

Thanks for the visit and comment Doug. Yes, to know and walk with Christ infuses my life with meaning and hope. Sadly, ironicly, 'religion', and often church repeatedly smothers this treasure. That actually heightens my belief though. Good stuff in particular is constantly chewed away from an evil within. Almost like a converse affirmation of authenticity.

missmellifluous said...

Nice first try at a sonnet! I do like the sonnet form: so nice and concise with beautiful rhythm.

I got my class of Year 10 students to have a go at writing in the sonnet form the other day. Some of the students, the boys especially, boys did surprisingly well considering the skill needed to write a sonnet. No one wrote in strict pentameter, however, their poems had a nice flow and rhythm despite this. The whole exercise really boosted their confidence too. The students were quite pleased with their results and I was proud of them for their efforts.

Keep using the sonnet it's a great form.

ish said...

Missmellif., Thanks for the encouragement with this form. I will revisit it.