Sunday, April 15, 2007

Service Road Gems

My St Louis Super 8 motel
is a beige brick bead
strung among highway 70's
industrial diamonds:
Louie's Auto Sales
Mid America Peterbilt
ABC Billard Tables
Spectrum Glass
Cee Kay Welding Equipment & Gases.

Behind the sliding glass Mrs Patel
smiles up from her pocket size
lends me a laminated city map.
Food? she muses,
'Mexican restaurant half mile.'
She warns of trucks and splashes
from the traffic. I traverse the
sodden median stubble between puddled
customer parking now evening empty
my 'super-lite' umbrella pressed
against my skull.
It's a long half mile and
I eventually give it up -
puddle straddle back to
room 222, a bag of 'trail mix'
and the red wine
leaking among my clothes.


ish said...

This one reworked from a previous trip.

Inconsequential said...

hope this trip is going slightly better :)

missmellifluous said...

If it was Thai food I would have walked the 1/2 mile navigating puddles and all.

missmellifluous said...

Meant to say, I too hope you are having a good trip! Observe it all for us.

gautami tripathy said...

The Bhagavadgita did me in.
Great trip that was.

Linking your blog to mine. Hope yu don't mind.

ish said...

Thanks Inc and missmellif. This hotel computer limits guest use to 10 mins so I am not getting around as I would like. I saw where the resturant was next day. More like a mile and a half! But yes Thai AND Mexican are both worth a good walk.

Gautami. Looks like I have not spelled Bhagavadgita as I should. Will fix. So many Indians run motels in America.
I am honoured by your link.