Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technological Dissonance

Long past the use-by-date
NASA's doughty little droid
sent us perfect pictures
from far surface Mars.

Why can't these same
American minds create
a toilet that does not
splash a sitter's bum
or gag at extra paper
strands as grand it
swirls a wide and
water-wasting churn?


missmellifluous said...

I wanted to laugh until I thought about how disgusting the splash would be. It does make you wonder...
But I don't think there's much power in creating the splashless toilet. NO possibility for maintaining world domination from the loo.

gautami tripathy said...

And Indian toilets are even worse...

Justin said...

I now live here in the States. My only prerequistive for a rental apt?

A loo with a low water table.

I was granted my prayer...

ish said...

missmellif, Alistair Cooke apparently said that you can say almost anything about America and it will be true.

gautami, yes I have visited those too. ;-)
Justin thats a relief!
Hey, and for me, I'm too worried. There are stratagies! ;-)

Justin said...

There are indeed strategies. New ones...