Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Charity Check

We have full
circle round us creeds
that urge for selfless deeds
of hoops to jump, appeasement works
to do on earth to show our worth.

But I from birth am full of self
too crippled for the hoops and merit-poor
uncertain of my balance score.

Proud people turn down charity.
But what if in the end
charity is all we have? all there is?
What if available to me is
only bounteous, generous
love-of-God charity? What then?
Will I be taken in?


Anonymous said...

Thoughtful and thought provoking, thanks.

Inconsequential said...



What if indeed.

Us cold ones are getting a shorter shrift :)

ish said...

Thanks Mike. Your opinion weighs a great deal.

Well, you know me already inc. I'd just say reach out and take it.

Inconsequential said...

Sometimes Ish, I would, but viewed from this angle...well, there's nothing to take...just a void, a dream, a delusion.


As usual, no offence intended.

ish said...

Oh I am not offended, inc. :-) I love the honesty.
Faith, I am told, is a gift.
And so is this mode of progressive dialog. Huge fun. To think I could have been born a generation earlier and missed out. But each age of man has joys and woes of its own.
I hope that lung is mending.

Inconsequential said...

Yup, lung is doing well.

Though i wonder at the society we now have...went to the doctors and he seemed very eager to give me more time off work...???
we used to have to beg, now they throw it at you...

no wonder we lost our empire...

ish said...

I 'enjoyed' your poem about hospital indignities. That at least was a salvage. :-)