Saturday, May 26, 2007


Response to Sunday Scribblings prompt, 'simple'.

Tart apple sliced moist on the board
roasted oats, almonds in a white bowl
these few flavours old as orchards
sanctified from invisible frenzy within every crumb
carbon molecule's cake dance beneath simplicity's icing.


gautami tripathy said...

"sanctified from the invisible frenzy within every crumb
carbon molecule's cake dance beneath simplicity's icing."

Neeed it say any more?

You short posts are power packed!

ish said...

Oh I am pleased you like that image with your chemistry background and all. Thanks gautami!

Crafty Green Poet said...

flavours old as orchards, sounds good!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Sounds yummy!

Patois said...

You do pack such a punch into this post. I love the thought of the "invisible frenzy."

Inconsequential said...

Been trying to comment on this since it was posted.

I really like it,
it doesn't seem to sit right,

first three lines, lovely list of simple fair...
then leap into science...

yet, it does sort of work...

Oh well, never was a critic, and as I said, I like it.

Wish I was better with words and could explain...

Fortunately 'tis only my opinion :)

Good stuff Ish
Good stuff.

[a} said...

Ooh I love the phrase "These few flavours old as orchards." It brings to mind apple cider and gorgeous Greek orchards.

This poem is brimming with flavour.

And the last line was a great finale!!! It makes me think of microscopic chains-upon-chains of molecules, so intricate and complex...
"simplicity's icing.."


ish said...

Yes Patois, it seems the calm of simplicity is distilled from such manic complexity.

Crafty green poet, regina, thanks for the visits, comments.

I know what you mean. And thanks. Poets wants to bring unlikely stuff together to create a little jolt. But its a balancing act, and easily does not work.

[a} Thank you for your animated take on the lines, your appreciation of my intentions.

missmellifluous said...

Speaking of food I tagged you for a meme, which you can play in my comments unless you'd like to take the challenge to turn it into poetry...? We need more poems about food.

Alok said...

was perusing thru some of ur old verse .... and i feel honoured u read u Steve (sir)

will try and catch up with all ur posts ... immense food for thought ..