Sunday, May 20, 2007


Does my unaffected self
peer from within the mask
I wear to spare the neighbours
my anxiety
or to cheer a child
when I too fear the dark?
And what of other assorted masks
that ease me through the day?
When I let them all drop
is my vision slit squinted still?
Can I tell?


Inconsequential said...

When we sleep
the last mask is off...

Anonymous said...

Several interesting ideas here. The one I enjoy most is the idea that a mask changes the view from inside as well as out. Thanks.

gautami tripathy said...

Very insightful. Leaves open end for different interpretations.

Interesting thought..

Crafty Green Poet said...

interesting perspective this one.

_Soulless_ said...

Hullo, Ish. ^_^ Rainy season here has come to wake me up from hibernation. *grin* (Thanks for the message on my site, dear.)

As for this intriguing piece, I adore its intricacy. The last line, when I string it upwards to connect to the first, makes me wonder whether the "self" (as it goes through the cycle of wearing, removing, changing, doubling masks) can, or does, remain "unaffected." Self-perception's not always easy. (And I say that with a sad face. *sigh*)

I've terribly missed the depth of your writings. Cheers.

ish said...

souless -- You're back! Your visit, your comments made my day.

inc., does that explain anything about dreams?

Mike, Did your childhood ever contain any mythology along the lines that if you make an ugly/rude face too many times the wind one day might freeze it in place?

gautami, thank you. While I love the place of ambiguity in poems, maybe I am trying more for layers rather than open endedness.

crafty green poet: :-)

Rax said...

fascinating thoughts lingering- beautifully crafted lines, thought evoking ending- for me i think sometimes when one wears a mask so long, it may become one's face but only eyes can tell- though not one's own.