Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things Not Being What They Seem

When real kitchen cupboards were carpentered
into place after years of makeshift
the little white fridge swung neatly into
a niche at 90 degrees to the original wall
where the door opens exactly
over the worn cork tiles, patina-ed by years
the sole shuffle that accompanies contemplative
gazing at illuminated left-overs.
And you'd swear by the evidence that the fridge
was first planted exactly where it sits.


Inconsequential said...

You lucky thing.
Our fridge was measured and fitted and so on, looked good, blended in well, but...

Well, the doors would only half open, because the door is beveled...or bedevilled :)

Had to have 6 inches off the units.
or should that have been 6.66...

So, more home improvements Ish, does this explain the relative silence from downunder :)

gazing at illuminated left-overs
has reminded me it's breakfast time...

cya l8rz

Dr. Stephen Isham said...

I like the imagery. I also like the simplicity of the poem. There is, I'm sure, deeper meaning (even if it is unintentional), yet I like the simple image the poem presents and how it just leaves it at that.

gautami tripathy said...

bane of urban living...

ish said...

Inc. I wish I could say that every building effort was a neat fit. We have had a superb friend and builder putting in a few cupboards for us. And yes, I have been a bit preoccupied. Writing is still something I want to attend to though. (I am pleased to have another piece coming up in 'Famous Reporter' launched this Thursday.) But since I am not intending to do the USA trips (after 11 years of it) I need to seriously figure out a way to make up the income. We do have a job just now painting 30 Tasmanian animals for Tasmania Parks and Wildlife uses and lots of mainland friends and relatives 'camping' with us, down for a nephew's wedding. Things will get back to 'normal' eventually. But that really is an illusion, just a pause between irregularities. No matter, we muddle on.

thanks dr. stephen. I want the mundane to highlight the sublime if I ever get close to any of that!

gautami ah yes, the wear and tear I think you are referring to. Not just urban living, its a human legacy everywhere. BTW I loved the holiday travel imagery on your recent blog. It sparkled ... no 'bane of urban living' there!