Sunday, July 29, 2007

Food for the Road

I have topped my plate with fare
from Savannah to Bel Aire
and there are places that I know
I've yet to taste, but still
I have partaken well.

I have never sampled Rome
savoured frescoes under domes
perhaps one day I will.
But I've already broken bread
on another hill instead
in Jerusalem
ah, Jerusalem.


Inconsequential said...

Another good one.

Have you been to calvery/golgotha?

Cool, that must be quite, err, moving? uplifting? something...anyway.

For those of your persuasion at least :)

Despite the content of so many of yours, you write damn good poetry :)


I got the mail thank you.
None of the other pieces I've throw out for scrutiny have been christianified, so I guess I'm not a subconcious christian, more of a potential psychopath :)

Back in the day, that'd make me pope :)


Any how, I intend to write again.


ish said...

Hummm, 'pope inconsequential': that name would imply some needed humility for the institution. :-)
Thank you again for taking the time to comment on a poem.
Philosophy, religion, poetry, art address the same questions. And when it comes to final answers there are 'not many men left standing in the room'. It wouldn't surprise me at all if, as you turn a topic in various directions with your pen, the light of that other possibility will arise and be recognized. More please inc.
In my verse the calvary particulars of course might come to mind. If Jerusalem is a symbol for God's intervention on our behalf, it is, yes, moving to contemplate the physicality of that. If the story is true, how could it not be? But Jerusalem is as full of religious clutter as that other symbol, Rome which to my mind represents our persistent capacity to bury and lose the heart of the matter.