Thursday, July 12, 2007

Singapore Sing

A hundred head scarves, maybe more
black among white pulled tight
carpet seated clustered, captivated
alongside Dior and other flashy
fleshy airport ads

they lean attentive

toward a group of youths and girls
who spontaneous, stand by
to sing and mime in language
they're quite drinking in.

Afterwards an animated girl
among the singers says
two dozen words about a God who
shows his love by death
and offers up his work
by life remade.
The head-scarves all attend, then
clap and wave their thanks,
make much of them.
And afterwards I tell the forthright girl
that she's been brave to speak.
"Not so brave as them," she says,
"To Saudi Arabia tonight they fly
to serve as maids."


Inconsequential said...


missmellifluous said...

Your verse is no longer terse?

ish said...
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ish said...
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ish said...

I do like short verse.
When I first put up the title I thought I had discovered that cute bit of rhyme. But recently I googled 'terse verse' and realized it has been trotted out long before me. Anyway since I intend to start using the Australian Animal Art blog to sell pictures I thought other blog titles accessible via my 'profile' should be few and as descriptive as possible.