Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sink Feeling

(Response to Sunday Scribblings prompt, 'I get that sinking feeling'.)

At sink I reach to turn the tap
my routine stance
with loud harangue by cat.
As frozen meat ball slips the tray,
new sun alights the awakened bay,
in far sheet glistening
bright, bird silence listening,
and I once more the expansive vista drink
from work day posture at the sink.
The microwave be-beeps the unfrozen meat
my carnivore cries out to eat.


Inconsequential said...

a moment :)

I love moments.

Never seem to get enough of them...

Alok said...

amazing Steve ... "expanded vista drink and "carnivore cries ...

Awesome, simply awesome


ish said...

Thanks inc. Too many distractions lately. I miss the word play.

Easy does it alok, as inc says, its a moment. (You'll have no superlatives left if I write something worthy!) Thanks for the visit.

Karina said...

You made such a simple "moment" as inconsequential called it, into really fantastic prose. I loved this!

ish said...

alok, looking again I see my comment may have seemed unappreciative and rude. Sorry, ... I was just embarrassed by your high praise. :-)

ish said...

Karina, thank you!

gautami tripathy said...

I like poetry about routine mundane things. You do it very well. Long time I read yours.

tumblewords said...

Wonderfully descriptive!

Radagast said...

I like it!

ish said...

gautami,thank you for the kind comments. You have such a following I can't imagine how you find time for individual attention to your visitors. I agree about the mundane: some of the most worthy 'art' is making 'something' out of 'nothing'. I like to try.

tumblewords, thank you too. Words and images are obviously your stock and trade. You juxtapose them so beautifully on your blog.

thank you RADAGAST. :-)