Sunday, October 28, 2007

Christ Lite

The long parade of our betrayal
would likely make a Judas pale.
Good Christ you're vulnerable to this
and we persist, the destination closed.
You're little missed.
Centuries of selling cheap the cross
we scarcely recognize our loss
the fault we proudly find
is not our own.
Blind our unmade eyes
despise the bleeding weakness
that inverts our fondest pose of power
that readies the world for rescue.


Inconsequential said...

'the fault we proudly find
is not our own.'

Says so much.

Not really my thing, this piece, but as always a readable message, though seemingly self condemning...

In fact, now I have read it again, it's more my sort of thing after all, the dislike of those that abuse the 'word'...who have made mockery of a belief for their own ends, and yet purporting to be of that faith...

Yes, fine piece indeed Ish, fine piece indeed.

mis-read the word "World" in the last line as "Word"...first time round...

ish said...

Thanks inc. If a noble, worthy thing/person gets trivialized by our own lack of understanding or respect (a variety of prejudice) we come to see the diminishment as inherent. That too is a betrayal I think.

missmellifluous said...

This is heavy, Ish. So heavy because it is so true, even for those of us who profess to have 'seen' or know Christ. I know I diminish Him all the time and look elsewhere, to weaker things, for fulfillment, love, help, understanding, knowledge and then wonder where Jesus is. I am a fool.

I love your poem. Well done!

ish said...

Miss Mel, we are all fools, most of us cowards and worse, God help us.

Thanks for your comment.

Inconsequential said...

Hello :)

ish said...

G'day inc.
Today I finally felt a poem coming on. It might appear here shortly.

Inconsequential said...

Excellent :)

I just assumed the 'real' was taking all your time, which is good, but then I wouldn't get my fix of Ish :)

I really do enjoy your work/style.

ish said...

Thank you inc. :-)