Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

The last day’s swelter of an exhausted year
is party-draped with dead animal odour in the still air
where the green copper cock marks reproach by faintest drift
calls west by northwest and I perplexed scrabble for the source…
perhaps it arrived with the wheels in the drive
across the calendar and coincides with December’s
competitive Strait sailing and up the tangle tree gravel drive
where oak, gleefully collected as acorn
by pairs of quick small hands
is now chewed to a struggle of stubble
limbs tortured to painful skew breaks
by demon possums in the night.
Two brothers make guarded rapprochement
at November’s wedding, the young wives
as yet not met after the hurt
returning at year’s end in uncrossing turns
to the clay and timber of births and beginnings
where I awake in this new year’s birth bed
sense these yet unsullied days, the Christmas book
under my hand where the heart angles for prospects
and there faint in the early light I sniff
the scent of its binding, pages blank and new.


Inconsequential said...

Sorry about the tree...
I planted one as a child, it grew for about three, maybe four years, and was destroyed by vandals...it sucked.

Still ahead is a blankish page, so maybe I'd ougth to plant a new one, somewhere safer...

Thanks for the memory, and I really enjoyed the glimpse...

ish said...

Ah inc, thank you. I think the tree will recover ... and Marion baits an effective possum trap.

Inconsequential said...

I'm not sure using your wife as bait is morally correct, but hey, who am I to knock your southern-hemisphere ways :)

Radagast said...

Happy New Year -- hope 2008 holds many good things!

PS - tell your bro-in-law he's written a great book!

Anonymous said...

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Alok said...

"and there faint in the early light I sniff
the scent of its binding, pages blank and new." - so well phrased ..

love the way u write ..

Happy New Year Ish ... Best of luck for the coming year


ish said...

Inc, ... asked for that one!
Actually we discover what possums like best is dry cat food.

radagast, Allan will be pleased Q&H was hit with you. Blessings on you too in 2008.

alok, thank you! ... and also for the remarks on your blog. Keep the writing rolling in 2008.

Billy said...

Very well done. I like the rhythm, the flow.