Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Morning Alignment

Low ahead a beacon round
moon above the road
and dangled counterpoint behind
a bright planet keystones a pale arch,
trundles arriving light.
Centre piece above, the fading star-point
Southern Cross flanks two pointers
which bright-note the risen Christ.

I step back toward house and steaming mug
and my heart already plots
unworthy schemes of self interest.
So rich a fool.
A kookaburra scatters
sudden laughter from a near limb.


Inconsequential said...

So rich, but fools :)

Thruth :)

Fine work again Ish, beautiful picture brought back to earth by the reality of man, nice synchronistic touch with the kookaburra :)

ish said...

Inc, I think you have the gift of encouragement. :-)
And you've told me in your comment that the poem's intent is clear. Thank you.

Inconsequential said...

I can't spell truth though... :)

Alok said...

So rich a fool - Indeed ... the line has an impact of bringing mortals like me back to earth ...

Amazing work yet again ..