Monday, May 05, 2008


Vestal virgin I the door
stand among others
in the home improvement store.
I'm to have an angel’s role
with spread of wing to block intrusive wind
the uninvited eyes of men.

I witness careless words, conspiracies, the petty peeves
relieved at length by wink, by laughter, palms of peace.

I blush to see the wild and wet of passion’s tangled limbs
approach of little feet, the passion dimmed.

My dismay at brooding hunch
the huddled hands that pen a parting note.

At times I’ve only stillness days on end
when floating motes assemble on my edge.

I’ve seen a mum give voice to her exhausted joy
there glowing moist a little girl ... and boy.

Yet I’m no midwife, chamber maid or priest.
Unhinge me now and trestle spread a feast.


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Alok said...

brilliant ....


ish said...

inconsequential & alok, thank you much

Earlier in the year I was invited to join a small poetry group that gives insightful critique of one another's work. This one had their 'work-over'. Hugely helpful.