Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I’ve not experienced pain.
Not Victor Frankl’s Auschwitz.
Not teeth chiselled to the gum
like candidate John McCain.
Not repetitious electrode interrogation.
Not even, like my Marion with our first born
laboured into sight one thundery Thursday.

Gall stones grabbed my attention once
but they were soon handed to me
in a zip-lock bag.
Some people qualify to speak pain,
to understand why Lance Armstrong
wouldn’t have wanted to miss his cancer.

Does pain innocence make free
from yin-yang vortex destiny?
Can I savour the sweet verb of existence
without the counterpoint? Could I
like dancing Christ choose pain by love
to outpace the dark relentless trudge?


Alok said...

Steve I am most humbled by this poem. Needless to say it is brilliantly written. I am too human to chose but honestly believe me I will rem this piece at the most difficult times. thanks


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is very powerful! so much said in a small poem - my favorite.
I've added you on my blog list. :)

Inconsequential said...

The extremist is often out of balance with their yin and yang.
A balanced suffering is a better qualification for "judgement" on life...

Extreme pain can only taint the good times.

Enjoy the splinters and paper cuts, they're yours to savour as counterpoint to all that is good in your world :)

Inconsequential said...

Oh, and a good piece Ish :)
Sorry I didn't comment sooner, not been doing the rounds of blogs as much as I used too...

but this is still a favoured watering hole...



How Publishing Really Works said...

Poetry was the very first thing I ever published, over twenty years ago now.

This was lovely. Thank you.


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ish said...

Thanks again inc. as you might guess I am not doing the rounds so frequently myself.

ish said...

thanks j. andrew, And I've found some exquisite lines in you poetry blog.

alok, Very kind of you to be so effusive in your praise.