Monday, December 22, 2008

Love your Neighbour as you Love your Elves

Chocolate boys pick Ivory Coast

plantations clean of red ripe pod those

skinny Christmas elves reach over reach

each a talent scout pick that Mr Miacca delivers

buggers and shuns, fresh recruits

taken for finger and thumb

far from their home sweet Santa circle.

Roused numb from his fever dream

mercy sleep where he hugs his mama’s

porridge bowl spoon that scrapes over scrapes

empty and in the sweaty equatorial waking

would fill his belly with those bitter beans.

Beans for the chocolatier

who presses sweet molded Christmas elves

neatly foiled in red net Santa stockings

each handed free at the local hardware

with every customer’s purchase.

Run run run as fast as you can

You can’t blame me

I’m the chocolatier, man!


Alok said...

enjoyable read Ish

still smiling at "each handed free at the local hardware
with every customer’s purchase."

You have a gr8 year ahead. Happy New Year


ish said...

It's a sad poem, Alok. Do you know about cocoa bean slave children?

Happy New Year to you too.

Alok said...

I didnt know abt them ... should have got some background to the poem before commenting on it .. or more importantly should have read it thoroughly .... My bad ...


S.L. Corsua said...

The second stanza clutches at the chest (sniff); I imagine the scene with distraught eyes. (sniff)

I liked the buildup in the first stanza (preparing for the vivid scene in the second), and the connection-to-the-rest-of-the-world aspect in the third and fourth.

Have a blessed 2009, Steve. You've been dearly missed. ;)

ish said...

Ah S.L., what a treat to have you visit and comment. Have a prosperous 2009 and laden with fruitful tangential thoughts.

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just brought even more fresh emo backgrounds to my blog