Thursday, January 01, 2009

Line of Site

Our foresighted builder dropped the window
line level to the bench top.
Helps when dishes are stacked there
to get some perspective on daily chores
cups and bowls beside the filtered sun, old trees
the declining hills
and soft lines of reflection,
my love’s form in the glass.


Alok said...

interesting perspective ...


Inconsequential said...

Another wonderful moment grasped and squeezed, filtered and dried for us to sample at our leisure.

I love snippets and images.

Radagast said...

A great perspective to start 2009 on!

missmellifluous said...

Awwwww! This poem is awesome!!! I love it! That builder has given you a great gift! The combination of images creates a very romantic picture! Gorgeous!!!

ish said...

Alok, Yes I suppose perspective is the point here ... at least as much as any other poem. Thanks for the visit.

Inc., How nice to see you here after my long absence ... and your appreciative comment ... thank you.

Radagast. How well that name suits you. It was superb to chat at Salamanca.

missmellif., Thank you. Lovely indeed to have you drop by too! I want to try to say more with less.

Happy New Year all.