Monday, April 29, 2013

In the Bread and in the Wine

This is about a body
a dead body
about abuse, horror and descent into hell.
In it we smell the reek of our own bodies
the unsavory scent of our souls.
It is about being lost, marooned
abandoned on a lonely planet
distracting ourselves like fools
as if there were no tomorrow.
It’s about tragedy.

But here too there is comedy.
Hear the laughter of incredulity
at the glorious One
come among us
spoken, the Word, a baby
in a moment of time the world
turned on its head
the impossible jostles
the unthinkable
round year 33
in the year of our Lord.

The servant king sacrifices himself
in an act of love
High God of all
on a Roman cross
at cross purposes with all the wayward world
there he crosses swords with all our sins
and kills them dead
that we the hopelessly degenerate
may be utterly forgiven
sin sucking sinners
suckled now on the sweet milk of the Word
new, like the perfect flesh on a fresh born baby.


This is about a body
a body come alive
a gloriously alive body
more fragrant than the sweetest bloom
more bursting with wonder than the best ever sun-up
dispelling the grey dawn with cloud splashed
God-begotten glory colours
that never were before
and never will be again.

See here the feast of remembrance
broken bread
token bread
spoken bread
glory spread, a feast
to remember the Jesus of Bethlehem
and laugh in wonder
to remember the Jesus of Jerusalem
and weep in wonder
to remember the coming
of he who could so love.

We laugh for joy
the story spread before us
bread and wine in our own hand:
Here see creation, paradise, evil, loss,
passion, pain, blood, despair, the cold stone and then . . .
see the two women clutching their skirts running
 “He is risen, he is not here.”
and for us, the forgiven ones
unimaginable rescue, re-made body . . .
and home
that sweet home
at the end of the road
the destination for which all creation aches.
That is The Story
the greatest story ever to be told.

Hear this echo in your hand.
Drink this whispered love in a wee cup.
Drink deep
and remember
drink deep . . . 
and be glad.

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