Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Southern Cross

Southern Cross

hubris n. insolence stemming from excessive pride
agape n. altruistic love

Australian hubris
is not American loud,
Chinese imperious
Or braggadocio Italian.

Australian hubris is tall poppy aware
gives off self effacing signals
embeds alongside genuine indications
of care for the bloke next door
whose partner has just emptied the bank account
and left with all the kids.

Hubris tussles with agape
that selfless sort of love
that can get a man crucified.

Agape gets short shift
in the back stabs of political ambition
in the climb through the scaffolding
of corporate architecture
in the cosmetically enhanced media
minion of the culture of me.

But for all that, agape will out.

See the one who left his agape mark
at the intersection of poverty and power
a crossroads looking
for all the world
like a crucifixion.  

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