Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sign of Jonah

Lamport Hall, near the Northamptonshire village of Old, possesses
a cabinet with  paintings from the story of Jonah.

In the land
there sits a town
            a small town
            an old town
and near that town
there stands a house
            a high house
a grand house
and on that house
there hangs a crest
            “in passing things
            no glory rests”
and in that house
an oaken chest
            a tall chest
            a painted chest
and in the paint
there swims a fish
            a dark fish
            a great fish
and in that fish
there kneels a man
a stranded man
a wounded man
and in that man
there bleeds a heart

for that which
tears the world apart
a large heart
a God heart
for that which
tears a man apart.

1 comment:

Christina Baehr said...

Love the rhythm of this one, and the fish.