Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Exodus

Christmas in Exodus
Ancient Israel’s priestly garments are described in Exodus 39

How like a Christmas tree
the costume Moses made
for Aaron and his kin
resplendent top to end
with "Holy to the Lord".

Decorated bright
four rows of coloured lights
aflame with amethyst and beryl.
By emerald and by sapphire see
a lace of golden filigree.

Long strands of scarlet twist
wound round are streamers
blue and purple dyed, above
where pomegranate baubles hang
with tinkling bells beside.

Attached where chains of gold
on branching epaulets
are onyx lit, are text engraved
with names of twelve boys born
in ancient times to father Israel.

Sons and the sons of sons
shouldered as aleph ox is yoked
like servant King who bears the load
both priest and sacrifice for comers late
fresh grafted to the tree of life.

Atop the tree a turban star blooms 
from a gilded crown that signs afar 
oh holy night, the Lord has come.
Rejoice, rejoice you grafted men
come see your Maker near the inn.

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