Sunday, December 01, 2013


Our dining table is
five Celery Top Pine planks rubbed
with Danish oil to a hard finish
where sit two queens of Narnia
ages three and four
arrayed in op shop glory
at the feast of Kingdom Come.

From where I sit I see
the table’s end grain
in tight rings, calligraphy
serving sylvan poetry, line by line
a lyric for each passing year.

Years before I fitted them with legs
these five planks were a door
hung in our house
where passed in and out
two kings of Narnia
ages three and six
a door left always open
like the messianic portal
until, at last, the feast is set.

Long before I hung the door in place
with cross brace 
like the letter χ for Christ
it was a forest seed
ascending year by patient year
to toss at last a leafy crown
above the canopy.

Stellar the trajectory
from first awakened seed
to prince among trees
whose heart rings 
with an echo
in the canopy of stars
fractal of
galactic growth rings receding
outward by years
measured in speeding light
back and back
to singularity.
To seed of seeds.


Christina Baehr said...
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Christina Baehr said...

Epic and moving.