Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Water for Her

Judges is a gruelling book
of blood, betrayal, pack rape
where heroes who escape
fatal flaws are few
and where the ending, oh God
the ending is tragic, macabre and
outrageously unjust.

Get the point that
here careens the nation disobedient
wildly uncoupled from Devine intention.

Yet see attached to chapter one
a vivid snap of Achsah
the guttural Hebrew consonant in her name
not distracting from the sound
like a sigh of longing
daughter of Caleb promised to the warrior
who captures Debir, the ancient city.

Promised her. They were paternalistic times and yet,
and yet, hear the lady plead her own cause
'She dismounted from her donkey.'
the donkey detail
- dismounted to speak her piece maybe
'What do you want?' her father asks, abrupt
like an Israeli on the streets of Tel Aviv
and she replies in kind, 'Give me a blessing
since you have set me in the Negeb,'
(set me up in the stinking desert for God's sake)
'give me also springs of water.'
Her words verbatim from the text
and Caleb her father
see the grin behind the beard
'gave her the upper and the lower springs.'

That-a girl.
Ownership, inheritance and respect from her dad.

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