Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No need to thank me...but hey, for my boy...

2 Samuel 17:27, 28; 19:31-40

King David's somersault career
includes him leading a straggle of loyalists
parched, starved, weary, and on the run
from traitor son, Absalom.

Later he's rescued in the wilderness
unpacking an emergency drop
from friend Bazillai the Gileadite.
Rations so generous
so succulent
a three thousand year old
manifest records

beds - sleep
basins - bathe
earthenware pots - drink

wheat & barley & flour  - bake
dried grain - snack

beans & lentils - simmer
sheep - roast
cheese from the herd - savour 
honey & curds  - bon appetit

At episode end
Bazillai turns down David's
thank-you invitation to Jerusalem
pleads that 80 is much too old to
savour delights at the king's table
or hear the high notes from
singing men and singing women
with music from the psalms.
But hey, says Bazillai how about you do for my son instead -
whatever seems good to you.
Not so, says David, in the gracious repartee of ancient kings,
I'll do for him what seems good - to you!

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