Sunday, November 13, 2016

Connecting the Dots

above these three small
pearls . . . hangs a wordless space -
like companionable silence . . .
suffused with the unspoken . . .
a weighted space
between old friends
in conversation started long before.

See trinity
in god-scape redolent of unspoken words
companionable silence
. . . before the world was spoke to life
. . . before the Word
on dusty feet

comes calling out to Lazarus.


Inconsequential said...

Still good :)

Always nice to read your words.

Steve Isham said...

27 January 2018

Susan from England (I think)
as well, an apparent time traveller
at our Saturday book stall
in Hobart Tasmania today
enabling vivid
evocations of a decade earlier.

More like a pleasant low voltage jolt -
by passing along a friendly nudge from
a poet I do not regard as
Inconsequential – despite the appellation,
none-the-less as ephemeral to her as to me
(Susan an internet game player
said they have not met in non-electronic reality)
his name passed her lips
but evaporated in the extraordinary heat
as sound perversely does.

If you read this friend,
let’s reconnect -
you are harder to track than I expected.